2015 Annual Meeting: Knowing Rural

  • August 6 – August 9,  2015

    Upcoming 2015 Annual Meeting Highlights! 

    1. Alton Thompson Plenary I
    2. Mark Shucksmith Plenary II
    3. Sonny Ramaswamy (USDA-NIFA)
    Author meets critics session: Daniel Immerwahr’s Thinking Small: The Lure of Community Development
    1.    Panelists: Jess Gilbert, Neal Flora, Stephen Gasteyer
    Author meets critics session: Jess Gilbert’s Planning Democracy Agrarian Intellectuals and the Intended New Deal 
    1.    Panelists: Neal Flora, Leland Glenna, and Wynne Wright
    2.    Organizer: Julie N. Zimmerman
    “Rationalizing Rural Area Classifications” special session:
    1.    John Cromartie, Economic Research Service, USDA
    2.    David McGranahan, Chief of the Rural Economy Branch, Resource and Rural Economics Division, USDA
    3.    David L. Brown, Cornell University
    4.    Leif Jensen, Penn State University
    “Members, Managers, and Labor: Addressing Unexamined Tensions in Agricultural Cooperatives” special session:
    1.   Patrick Mooney, University of Kentucky
    2.   Michael Gertler, University of Saskatchewan
    3.   Curt Stofferahn, University of North Dakota
    4.   Keiko Tanaka, University of Kentucky
    5.   Thomas Gray, USDA, Program on Cooperatives
    Special Activities:
    1. Beer and cheese tasting with live band
    2. Natural Resources RIG 50th anniversary
    3. Department night
    4. Graduate student research speed dating