Program Errata

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  • August 1, 2013 at 4:00 pm
  • If you have any changes to be made on the Annual Meeting Program, please email the RSS Business Office,, and we will add the changes to this list.


    Room Changes

    Session 39- Conference Room F, Lower Lobby
    Session 40- Conference Room J, Lower Lobby
    Session 52- Conference Room F, Lower Lobby
    Session 51- Conference Room H, Lower Lobby
    Awards Luncheon- Metropolitan West Ballroom
    Authors of New Books Reception – Central Park West, 2nd Floor
    Diversity Mixer and Silent Auction– Central Park West, 2nd Floor
    2014 Council Meeting (2-5pm on the 9th)- Empire West Ballroom

    The following meetings have moved to Friday morning at 7:00.

    SAFRIG, Conference Room E

    Natural Resources RIG, Conference Room C

    Teaching and Curriculum RIG, Conference K

    Education and Work RIG,  Conference Room F


    Cancelled Papers

    Wednesday, 10:00am Session: 9
    Paper: Just another asset class?: Neoliberalism, finance and the construction of farmland investment
    Author(s): Madeleine Fairbairn

    Wednesday, 3:15pm Session: 13
    Paper: Go Back to Texas, Gas Bastards! Managing Stigma Associated with Marcellus Shale Employment”
    Author: Matthew R. Filteau

    Thursday, 8:15am Session: 26
    Paper: Domestic and International Contexts for Educational Attainment in Rural Areas
    Author(s): Marry Ann Demi

    Thursday, 8:15am Session: 21
    Paper: Household Economic Strategies during Times of Economic Hardship: A Study of Shifting Practices and Attitudes across Two Economic Crises
    Author: Bronwen Dromey and Brady A. Currit

    Thursday, 3:15pm Session: Online and Blended Education
    Paper: A Comparison of Conventional, Service and Online Courses in Social Inequalities
    Author(s): Shaunna L. Scott, Grace E. Cale, and Andrew A. Cooper

    Thursday, 3:15pm Session: 35
    Paper: Identity Contained: Cultivating the moral world of sustainable agriculture
    Author: Katrina Q King

    Friday, 8:15am Session: 42
    Paper: Disaster Resilient Rural Communities: Perceptions of Collective Efficacy Following Two Rural Mountain Disaster Events
    Author(s): Jeannette Sutton, Charles Benight, Kotaro Shoji, and Britta Johnson

    Friday, 8:15am Session: 46
    Paper: Community water system governance in Honduras
    Author(s): Maren Hill

    Friday, 12:45pm Session 58: Developments in the Science of Climate Change
    Paper: Communication climate science:  Climatologists’ perceived roles in society
    Author(s): Adam K. Wilke, Iowa State University and Lois W. Morton, Iowa State University

    Paper: Food Shopping in a Small Midwestern Town: Factors that Relate to In Town Shipping
    Author(s): Mary Grigsby

    Jeannette Sutton will not be attending the meetings this year, and all of her related papers and presentations will be withdrawn

    Thursday, 3:15-4:45 session on “Online and Blended Education,” Shaunna L. Scott has withdrawn her paper, co-authored with Grace Cale and Andrew Cooper. Shaunna will also be unable to moderate the Fri, 10 AM session on “The Politics of Climate Change.”


    Paper Title Changes

    Friday, 8:15am to 9:45am,

    Session: 45 – Standards and Geographic Indicators as Drivers of Agrifood Systems II

    Paper: Title “Childhood Obesity and Environment: Food Access in Urban and Rural North Carolina Counties,” is incorrect. The correct title should be, “Farmer Identity in the U.S. Cornbelt,” by Jean M. McGuire, Iowa State University; Lois W. Morton, Iowa State University; and, J. Gordon Arbuckle, Iowa State University


    Other Changes

    August 6, 10-11:30 time frame, “Rural Work I: Structural Contexts for Rural Employment and Community Development.” Kelley Russell-DuVarney will not be chairing this session.

    Sessions 36 and 39 are duplicates in the program

    Session 35 (Intersections of Community, Food, and Agriculture) Cancelled

    Time: Thursday, 3:15pm – 4:45pm

    Moved Paper.
    From Session 35 to Session 37
    Time: Thursday, 3:15pm – 4:45pm
    Session: Poverty, Sustainability, and Food Systems
    Paper: Food Deserts, Barriers to Food Security, and Stress in an Urban Neighborhood
    Author(s): Jessica A. Crowe, Southern Illinois University; Constance Lacy,
    University of North Texas-Dallas; and Yolanda Columbus, University of North Texas-Dallas