Submission Guidelines

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    Annual Meeting 2016

    Abstract submissions are sought for individual research papers on topics related to the conference theme or other topical areas of interest.  In addition to individual research papers we encourage the submission of posters that describe a project, research results, program summaries, or lessons learned as a visual display on poster board.  We also encourage the submission of organized paper sessions and panel sessions. These sessions include 3 – 5 participants and are submitted as a complete session. For more specific details see Types of Submissions


    Main text: Abstracts should be approximately 350-500 words (about 1.5-3 pages) and briefly outline the purpose and theoretical framing of the paper, methods and data used, and preliminary (if available) or expected findings. We offer this description as a general guideline and understand some papers may include other information.
    The abstract deadline is now Tuesday, March 1, 2016 11:59pm (EST)
    The abstract title is a maximum of 250 chars. (approx. 25 words) Use upper case for only the first letter of the title, proper nouns and acronyms.

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