• Session Format

    1. International attendee sends in presentation file (with narration)

    2. RSS plays presentation with narration at specified meeting time

    3. Live Q&A-International attendee calls into conference line after the presentation

    How to Create/Record Presentation

    Things to consider when recording a slide show:

    1. Pronounce each word clearly

    2. Ensure the environment around you is relatively quiet with minimal background noise

    3. Check the recording and sound quality prior to recording

    Step 1: Create your PowerPoint Presentation Slides

    Step 2: Write your script for the presentation

    Note: A script is recommended to ensure that the speech is consistent and to avoid unnecessary pauses

    Step 3: Set-up the self-running slide show

    Download the “How to set-up a self-running slideshow” guide from the Rural Sociological annual meeting website:

    Step 4: Record your slideshow

    1. Ensure environment around you is quiet

    2. Ensure the recording quality from the microphone is good

    3. Ensure the play-back quality from the recording is good

    (remember to pause 1-2 seconds before and after each slide.)

    Step 5: Save and preview your Recording

    Volume of the narration must be consistent and synced with slide tranistion

    Step 6: Submit your self-running presentation to RSS

    Refer to the Rural Sociological Society annual meeting website at for instructions on how to upload your file.